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Monday, August 23, 2010

Reflections and thanks.

So today I have stalked several new blogs. Some have been utterly hilarious, some overpoweringly emotional, and some just down right inspirational. All from reading what YOU took the time to share. I enjoy peeping into your lives and seeing through your eyes, living your experiences, and realting to some. (Oh Dutchess, I don't think anyone will top yours dear.) But today I am reflecting on the 1 blog that I have followed for well over a year. The one blog that I had to step away from because I got so emotionally involved. I missed out, on a lot, but am enjoying all the cathing up.

Today I cried. I cried at the thought of Heather being at the park swinging Annie, but missing Maddie. I cried for Annie not having her sweet big sister Maddie there to cheer her on. I cried for all the mom's that are missing that one special little one in their life. And I laughed. I laughed at the joy on Annie's face, the joy that warms the soul and melts the heart. That pure innocence and trust pouring out of that sweet loving face as she sees her mom behind the camera. I am comforted.

I sit here and reflect on my life with my girls. I think about the fact that I have both my girls and take both of them to the park to swing. That I tuck both of my girls in at night, they both like to wake me up at 4am, and stay up until 6:30am when the alarm goes off. I think on all this, the "hard stuff" that so many of us complain about. That we get frustrated and vexed by, and I remember. I remember Maddie, and Charlie, and Lyla, and Landyn. Then I remember, their moms. And I thank God for putting them in my path, and humbling me. Reminding me how utterly Blessed and lucky *I* am to be getting up at 4am with BOTH my girls. I thank you for sharing.

Blogging is a newfound freedom for me. I ramble. A lot. I try really hard to make cohesive paragraphs and spell correctly and use propper grammar. But the hell with it if I don't.
I. Am Here.
Blogging about life as me, and enjoying every minute of it. =0) So, if you've made it this far. Here, have a cookie. ;-P

Thank you all that blog publicly and share your laughs, cries, utter hilarity, evilness, or prom queen rebel slutness. You make my day. =0)

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